an adult porn star who was featured in Mike Stelling Beat the meat classic
That James Smith sure likes meat in his mouth
by dr phillip swanson December 6, 2006
Underoath's rhythm guitarist and most underrated member.
You're not an Underoath Fan unless you know ALL the Memebrs, and that includes James Smith.
by weirdyrandommetal1977 March 22, 2015
A big ear'd posh twat hu gays wudnt even want dis guy gets turned down by prozzys. Also renound for bein jealous of jack graysons and how often they get it
oh shit ders James Smith ... hide before he sees us
by Jacky boi January 31, 2005
Ahh yes, the weird but interesting James. James its a male who loves to look at furry porn and temmie images. James usually gets easy boners by anything with boobs and...other stuff. James obsesses over his art, and himself. He has only two friends, Looper and ZacharySmith, but even they despise him
James Smith the furry is such a dweeb
by Looper0365 April 1, 2020
A blue eyed, handsome hunk of twisted steel and sex appeal. When your girl has a wet dream/fantasy she says it’s about you but it’s really about this stud muffin
Linda, I had another dream about James Michael Smith. We had sex for hours.
by Mortifer_47 January 15, 2022
A Caucasian individual that is characterized by two or more of the following traits:

* Is unloved; by even his/her family
* Lives in the woods
* Is in the employ of a second-hand merchandise re-seller
* Utilizes pharmaceuticals to ease the pain of his/her existence
* Doesn't wear a shirt
* Participates in bestiality

* Frequently cums in socks
* Is a Git-Wit
* Has poor hygiene
* and is just generally undesirable
Pookie: "What the fuck is up with that motherfucker over there? He's bein' such a James Gabriel Smith! I just wanna punch that cracker in the throat!
by guruerror September 25, 2019