a natural attraction between persons.
the same basis as 'chemistry'
Jacob "man, i wish i had the same relationship is Jess and Jay."
Joe "its affinity man"
by Matt March 7, 2005
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An unnatural physical attraction to the neighbors' dog.
Frank sure has an affinity for Snoopy.
by MyStupidDad February 14, 2008
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Of the screwius majorus family

A company with an organizational structure that resembles a 3 year olds drawing, run by people with the same IQ as said 3 year old.
"Hey doesnt Affinity still owe us $3000 ?"
by In The Know March 17, 2005
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Affinity is a rust server wich slams every other server(vital,Atlas) It is being lead by 2 people called Hoebama and Kinn.
Affinity is a 2x with original ideas like maze,roams,and,KOTH.But ofc atlas and vital steal them fucking blackies.
So if you wanna check out affinity join discord.gg/llatm !
Affinity is the best rust server
by Snowy#0006 April 23, 2022
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"Raiding" guild on Runetotem, now defunct.

Famously joined elite progression guild <The Silver Runetotem> en mass after being unable to progress past the first boss in ZG, despite record breaking dps by Skytiger, rogue.

Although ostensibly lead by Vyasha, later accounts suggest that Bluda, warlock, covertly controlled things.
Mushupork: "Jalam, I just talked to Vyasha. <Affinity> wants to join, en-masse."

Jalam: "Again?"
by Lowpass February 4, 2009
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A group of well versed, intellectuals and Asses, who join together 5 days a week to overcome conflict. Does not play on the Sabbath
There was an Affinity that worked together and slew Illidan Stormrage on February 4th.
by ChuckLovesPie February 5, 2008
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Person 1: Yo have you heard about Affinity Photo? It's so good
Person 2: Yeah it's better than Photoshop
by Fobesnu October 24, 2020
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