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A small bird that makes a good pet. They are cute, (usually) sweet-tempered, and inexpensive.
Parakeets also make the oddest noises:
by Shawn B. October 13, 2003
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mini-parrots that live 15-18 years if taken good care of.
Parakeets can talk.
Parakeets are cheap.
Parakeets are sweet.
Parakeets can sing.
Meaning: BEST PET!
(Parakeets can sometimes be bossy)
Jeff: Tweet!
Bob: You're not a Parakeet!
by private December 10, 2003
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Any of 115 species in 30 genera (sub-family Psittacinae) of small slender seed-eating parrots. Parakeets are small slender parrots that have long pointed tapering tails. Most people think of the budgerigar when they think of a parakeet, but the budgerigar is one of many species of parakeet. They are commonly kept as pets and often sold very cheaply which results in large numbers of them being abused and dying well before their life expectancy is up. Parakeets can live up to 15 years or more, but often don’t make it past 4 in captivity.
Parakeets are parrots, and budgerigars are parakeets.
by OneBadAsp October 15, 2006
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A really cute little bird often used as a pet. Often confused with the Budgie, Parakeets originate from Australia. In the wild, they usually have yellow and green feathers, to easily blend into the background. They primarily eat seeds, but fruits, vegetables, and other foods should be added for a more diverse diet. They are available in stores for green, blue, white, and some professional breeders have come up with even more colors. Parakeets are quieter than other birds, and are very soft and cute. In most places, they are available for 20 dollars, and will make a great companion for up to 15 years if taken care of properly.
Hawk: Parakeets are also a delicious part of every balanced breakfast.
by Jelly Snail March 19, 2008
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a mini parrot which is the best pet ever.
i have 9 parakeets
by seatbelt February 09, 2004
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Someone who responds with the same thing you just said to them, similar to how a parakeet repeats speech it hears.
John (texting): Hey
Dan (texting): Hey
John: Fucking parakeet
via giphy
by thevalleyboy July 11, 2019
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