droping of a nuclear style duece.
Man, I just got out of the bathroom, and it's like 1945 in there.
by TimmyD January 15, 2007
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The most depressing year ever. Lots of war, bombs and terror!
Kid on August 6 1945: Mom, that cloud looks like a mushroom!
*They all evaporate, resulting in death*
by My yee 2 January 31, 2021
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a day that you shouldn't be in hiroshima
august 6 1945: rip hiroshima
by Lazar Blade September 19, 2021
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The month were you throw your brunette friend off a train. (Marvel)
Steve: Hey Bucky guess what month it is?

Bucky: What?

Steve: It January 1945, that means it times to yeet you off a train

Bucky: crap.
by imjustyouraverageperson November 4, 2019
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A guarantee that you can sue any other person who distracts you from getting your exam target grade.
Jason was messing around all that term, i'm going to use the Exam Insurance Act 1945 to get back at him
by babylonlang June 6, 2010
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1944 ended before 1945 came.
Teacher: "What ended in 1945?"

Student: "1944."
by ffdder22 September 17, 2023
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used when blank grandpas talk about their past and conquerings.

preferably used talking about white women.
"Boy I've been fuckin white women since 1945 (nineen fordy faive)"

"Boy I got my dick in more white woman in 1945 then you these days, nigga!"
by speedynigga April 20, 2020
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