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1.) An ex-KGB.

2.) The current "president" of Russia.

3.) The most powerful mob boss in the world.
"Vladimir Putin is a ruthless mobster."

"Yeah, the Soviet Union has collapsed; governments may change, but people don't."
by Gyrapage March 07, 2007
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The current president of Russia. Resembles a giant albino bat, with his pointy ears, palid complexion, angular features and balding pate.

Former KGB man who is edging the country very slowly towards dictatorship. Shows the tendancy to repeat history (killing Chechens, desiring more government control.)
Vladimir Putin secretly wishes that he could turn off the lights in Russia for a week, then turn them back on to reveal that there were no more Chechens. Maybe a few large mountains where none had existed before, made out of what appears to be freshly turned earth, and possibly filled with thousands of lightly charred skeletons, but no Chechens, nosiree!
by gramaticon July 30, 2005
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An asshole, bigot, homophobe, tyrant, first-class prick, dick-tator, prone to invade nearby defenceless democracies and jailing female rock bands. Can be seen hanging out with other weirdo leaders such as Berlusconi and faking wild animal encounters. Semi-delusional, self-justifying and deceptive.
Wow, did you see that guy cut off the school bus full of disabled children? Ya, what a putin.
by Carl Davidson March 10, 2014
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Something vile that won't go away, like dog shit on your shoe, or the stench of a decaying body.
This is disgusting, what is it?

It's just Putin.
by jsharpphoto August 29, 2014
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Pronounced: "Huylo" xสŠj'lo

Sitting Russian Tsar.
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin enjoys fine wines, long walks on the beach, posing for ridiculous photo ops and staging the odd anschluss.
by Madman Defarge October 23, 2014
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Putin is any leftover biological material stuck to a sex toy; usually fecal matter. Putin is differentiated from Santorum in that Putin is on the device, or dildo, (usually a phallus like object made of plastic, latex, glass or wood) specifically.
Former Senator Rick Santorum has been unable to remove the thick, multiple layers of Putin from his gigantic dildo no matter how hard he scrubs.
by Lilly Von Schtupp August 08, 2013
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