I swear . like you would say on ur mama or on god..
Carl: bruh look at that girl right there bruh she bad asf
Charles: On me bruh
by Bldrr May 18, 2018
means 'i don't know' but is said in a childish voice
"what do you wanna do tomorrow?"
"me no no"
by xxxwtdxxx February 12, 2006
A way of saying "I am". Often seen on 4chan.org.
Be me, 19, m, straight. Just another sausage on the internet.
by itiswhatever April 24, 2015
A Me-me-i-me-me is a person who types their own name into Urbandictionary.com in order to create a flattering definition of themselves.
Dale: Did you read the definition of Jen in Urbandictionary.com?
Mike: What a Me-me-i-me-me.
Dale: I know. Most Jens I've met were just easy to bang.
by Drumcomic May 19, 2018
Phrase to take blame for something you fucked up in a situation where it could not possibly be anyone else’s fault.
Friend: bro, why did you just throw my Xbox out the window? we are on the 5th floor.

You: oh. that’s on me

Girlfriend: you’re telling me you had a threesome with two other bitches, neither of whom are me.

Boyfriend: yeah, that’s on me, but i love you.
by Gooch cobbler October 20, 2020
Used on the train (usually subway, metro, etc.) - when the train starts to pull off at your destination station, this is probably what you say to someone you're talking to to tell it "this is where I get off."
A: So are you just visiting New York or you work...
B: I'm sorry, but... this is me. I gotta go, nice meeting you, though.
A: Well, okay. Hope to see you again soon.
B: Ditto.