You really had to look up the word “me” in urban dictionary. What’s wrong with you?
“I had to look up me in urban dictionary”

I am not that smart because I looked up the word me”
by Iamasiansoinoracist April 2, 2020
when you are subtweeted/subbed on social media.
used to tell someone to tag you next time.
Billy: You don't have to be a shady shit, @ me next time!
by heyo1234567890heyo November 16, 2016
IN BRIEF: OWE, especially if it's based on money/a debt, a favor, etc.
Let me see how much you into me for because you still aint finished paying me off.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 8, 2007
What you scream when a soccer skin or a default or a John wick run up on you with a pump
by Pug watch10 On YT January 30, 2020
u were so bored that u decided to search urself up and see what happens. here’s the def of urself... a potato ;)))
I’m legit searching “me” on urban dictionary cause why not!?
by uwuwuwuwuwu hai January 22, 2019