a fifth of a gallon
approx 750 ml.

Refers to the size of the bottle of alcohol. A 5th is larger than a 16 oz but smaller than a handle (2L).
"I finished that whole 5th of jack last night, bro."
by girlgenius04 December 14, 2011
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to scam, steal, or borrow for long extent of time something that does not belong to you.
Mike just 5th me for my lens!
by yungcounty November 19, 2019
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to have too much of the 5th means to be a pathetic human being.

Attributes of a man should be
1 Power
2 Pace
3 Precision
4 Passion
5 Pathetic
6 Pride

A man should show as much of the 'Ps' as possible whilst not showing any of the 5th
Look at that reptile, his mrs stopped him from necking his drink like the good old days.
yeah, he's showing too much of the 5th. we've lost him as a lad

Mate, i can't go the gym, my back hurts.
Seriously, you are showing too much of the 5th.
by k-y-s March 27, 2012
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literally about to be the best day ever i think... if you were born on january 5th , you're pretty or just hot as fuck. also fuck all the other birthdays January 5th is where its at. les get it rn
is your birthday on january 5th? yeah BITCH what abt it
by chaeluvr666 October 15, 2019
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The most kind and funny people are born on this day. If you were born on March 5th, be proud cause you're flicking awesome!
I'm writing an definition for a friend born on March 5th since there wasn't already one.
by Sky_Child November 2, 2019
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National fuck it/yeah day. On this day, do whatever you’ve been wanting to do for a while, cuz fuck it.
Hey it’s February 5th? I think I might finally ask her out. Why? Because it’s fuck yeah day that’s why!
by Tabs47 May 2, 2019
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