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Something that many people make but few people keep.
I promise I'll pay you the money back.
by AmbientLion January 16, 2004
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The definition of Beautiful. The real meaning of 'One in a million'. Usually of exqusite natural beauty. Smart & Witty, headstrong & focussed. Determined, stubborn as hell! Loving and playful. The most fabulous smile, which lights up a room. Simply stunning inside and out. A diamond in the rough.
You are truely blessed if you ever meet a Promise...
by Ispeakonlythetruth February 04, 2010
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An empty commitment made by a corporation for marketing purposes. Unlike a warranty or a guarantee, a promise is unenforceable, giving customers zero recourse value. Because a promise takes power away from consumers, many corporations are switching from guarantees to promises. This allows them to make bolder statements without the risk of being held accountable.
Our Promise: every day low prices on farm fresh chickens fed on a diet of organic broccoli and tofu
by PawzUK1 November 30, 2013
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Basically, its a new way of lying. Mainly used by guys who want girls to get off their backs. Also see lies
Boy:I will always love you.
boy:yup. I promise.

Two weeks later -

Boy:I'm sorry. It's over.
by !emoXvampire! June 08, 2009
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Blank hollow statements of comfort that serve no purpose other than to make someone feel better when you're lying to them.
I promise to love you forever... (Later that day) I'm with someone else, good bye.
by Aqurala April 06, 2010
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It is a pinky-swear that one makes in one's heart, but often unravels.
Siera: I promise to not make fun of you if you tell me the truth.

Siera's Friend: Okay, the truth is that I've given blowjobs to over 100 guys.

Siera: Really?!? You are such a skank.

(Siera's Friend shakes head)
by Billy Bats October 16, 2013
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