A word you use to accentuate that you really are not being that serious (sic!), but rather making a light-hearted comment in a meme stylee (sic!). Memeheads are spouting it out like there is no tomorrow – and there well might not be one, thanks to Corona.

Among the "great eight" of filler words whose meaning the people using them don't even understand, but solely spam them to every YouTube video they can get their hands into, because "that is what you are supposed to do!" The other words are: literally, appreciate, underrated, legit short for legitimate, ignore, actually, though short for although.

Also closely related to the mythical "YouTube algorithm".
Melvin on YouTube comments section of any given video: "Lets be honest: u didnt' searched for this *ambiguous smiley* U could of but, u did'nt though..."
by Burt Milhorse Eriksson April 11, 2021
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A divine attribute we often wrongly assign to one we admire, but sadly, like telepathy, honesty is a characteristic not inherent in humanity. To be truly and completely honest with someone, one must first be truly and completely honest with one’s self. Since our species is incapable of seeing past its own fears, desires, prejudices, convictions, emotional attachments, memories and flawed perceptions, man is not capable of viewing an unfiltered reality. Every single conclusion a person comes to is first carefully screened and reviewed through a series of subconscious unrelated facets of collective reasoning and thus all humanity is blind to all truth. Thus, no one is truly and completely honest with themselves and thus cannot be truly and completely honest with others. The most anyone can hope to give is their honest opinion. But that’s all it is, an opinion.
To give an example would be contrary to my definition of “honest.”
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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What everyone wants you to be, but no one wants to hear
Girl: Come on! Be honest am I fat?

Guy: Fine, honestly your fat.

Girl: Wtf is wrong with you faggot? I fucking hate you.
by Jersey Kid February 2, 2008
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(Note: honest is DIFFERENT than truth)
not deceptive or fraudulent; completely telling the truth in regards to the matter at hand
She asked where he was at midnight. He was honest and said he was at another woman's house, as opposed to saying he was at "someone's" house, or a "buddy's" house.
by Itsallgoodhomie917 May 6, 2008
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something jake paul didn't know was a thing
jakes mom: honey be honest.
Jake: stop making up words mom!
by doge kid February 19, 2020
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Honest is an acronym for hopelessly obtuse nonsensical everyday sucker truly
The wealthy little old lady, a widow for the eighth time, handed an ad. over the desk at the office of her local newspaper. " Put that in the Personal Contact Me section please " she said to the girl behind the desk " I feel a bit low. The right man might be able to give me a bit of a top up " The ad read " Widow, reliable independent person, with down to earth outlook, seeks honest man who likes simple home cooking. Reply early. Don't be late this may be your Shangri-la "
by Stias October 10, 2005
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Implies that the speaker usually lies, but will be honest this one time. Yeah right.
To be honest, I think you're really good at soccer. Really.
by domokato April 23, 2009
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