Response to someone's inability to perform an action with competence. Usually stated in a disappointed tone.
John attempted to light his cigarette while it was in his mouth but it fell to the floor. Steve was quick to berate him with the words "You fucked up."
by Dboy123 April 14, 2008
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A common reply to users online when they talk about or show you pictures of their extremely good-looking EX-girlfriends.
Man 1: Here's a picture of me and my ex at the beach...

::Posts bikini photo::

Man 2: ...You fucked up
by Mitchass Bitch July 13, 2011
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Annoying and unnecessary sentence shouted out by a large amount of people (and usually repeated three times) when glass objects are broken at Brasserie Le Manoir.
*Paul reaches for beer pitcher but knocks over a glass, which rolls off the table and shatters on the ground*

by thetwib December 20, 2012
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It basically means you screwed up in a nicer way. "You Fucked Up" simply means someone was having a tough time cause they did something wrong and you had to tell them that they kinda screwed up. It's a really kind term.
Your little brother was separated from birth. One day you were drunk and a cute girl helped you to your hotel room. However you were drunk and made love with her. In the morning you find out that the cute girl was actually your little brother that love to crossdress. In other words he fucked up. This is when you can say to him "You Fucked Up"
by TheEconomy August 14, 2015
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What your average chav/brit says after his pal did something retarded, caused himself some trouble, or is about to get his ass kicked because he said some dumb shit.

American translation: "You dun goof'd"
Gavino: "Fuck your mother you petty lil twat!"
Chav: "You fucked up mate. I'm going to kick your cheeky lil cunt so hard i swear on my mum's life."


Mark: "I just got a 300 pound fine for parking in the wrong spot!!!"
Chav: "You fucked up mate."
by odah July 14, 2014
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