To subscribe to a topic, e.g. a thread in a forum. In internet language also often abbreviated by "sub'd" or "subb'd".
1. I'm glad I subbed this thread.
2. Subb'd!
by gorgonzola2 February 17, 2014
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A video that has subtitles
This movie is subbed.
by sharkya May 3, 2008
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a very small suburb. with hardly anything in it. no resturants, or anything like that...but it has a bar and gas station.

also a nickname for minnesota city
" yo man where u at?"
"i'm in the sub sub man"
"what the fuck is that"
"remember that big hole in the ground you passed, that where it is"
by Slang Confucious August 10, 2006
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The act of addressing an issue indirectly that someone has created by saying it out loud and without referring directly to the individual.
Students knew the teacher was subbing when he warned the class about the consequences of arriving late to school only after Johnny appeared 20 minutes late.
by Chuymosca October 7, 2017
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n. Short for "Submissive." The submissive person in a BDSM relationship or encounter.
I'm really more of a sub, myself, but I could learn some dom skills.
by Bad Grammar Must Die April 17, 2003
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when you post something on social media without tagging the person that it's about.
taken from twitter (subtweet) and spread to other social media platforms.
Ana: Did you see Rachel's snapchat story?
Brianna: Yeah, she totally subbed me. She should @ me next time.
by heyo1234567890heyo November 16, 2016
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The Sub is the greatest and most satifying feast a human being could ever experience. A meal so filling that one must hibernate after ingesting it. First you go to Subway and order a footlong steak and cheese with double the meat and cheese on parmesian oregano bread. Next you get grated cheese over the meat and mozzarella on the other half and have it toasted. Add your choice of vegetables and top it off with salt-pepper, mayo and southwest sauce(key). Enjoy!

Warning: people with heart problems, vegetarians and Bitches should not have The Sub! Fasting is recommended before attempting to finish The Sub in one sitting.
"I just ate The Sub and have never been more satisfied!"
"The Sub is greater than sex."
"Oh god...oh god...I love The Sub"
"Eat now breathe later"
by gLane November 15, 2005
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