You actually thought it's a good idea to look me up on urban dictionary? Wrong choice.
by 32121 November 20, 2015
Command in IRC that shows the author's name followed by any text after the command. Typically used to describe an action performed by the author in the third person. When read in an online forum, it is usually meant to be humorous.
In IRC, if my name is NeSe:
/me kicks you in the balls!
* NeSe kicks you in the balls!

You are then supposed to imagine that I actually did kick you in the balls.
by NecroSen March 11, 2005
A popular Twitter slang used to poke fun at yourself or convey disbelief at something. Typically used by Kpop stans on Twitter. Also written as not @ me.
Not at me buying a hundred albums for a BTS fansign slot.
by se0kj!n_k!m November 14, 2020
People who only care about themselves when driving and don't care if they cause an accident.

by Crystylin November 13, 2010
This means that the person speaking will pay the whole amount, used typically when something purchased is shared between two or more people - such as a resturant meal.
Dinner was $40 - here is my $20.
No, keep your money, it's on me.
by Anonnny March 5, 2008