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On January 25th, 2016, Hillary Clinton officially declared the North End of Boston, "Northie"
In Boston, Southie was known to be a gang bangin shit hole whereas Northie was known for their great food and flamboyant men.
by BigDaddyH2o November 16, 2017
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Someone living in the 'hipster' northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. eg. Brunswick, Fitzroy, Carlton and Northcote.
Man, I'm so sick of these northie's, from their fringes that end too soon to their latest find at the most prestigious Op Shop, plus I can't tell who's straight, gay, male, female, transgender or other, and if I ask, god knows one of them will probably call the police or start forcefully trying to make me overdose at a strangers house at 4am surrounded by people pretending they've got meaning in their lives.
by TopDefinitionsBro November 22, 2017
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