Kid: hey did you know today is January 25th?
Other kid: oh no
by Sexiness34 January 23, 2021
Today is pretend to be hurt day! Put on a cast or fall down in front of everyone! Score help from your crush and gain lots of attention from other people or your hot teacher. Omg lol
John: hey Alesha it’s January 25th!
Alesha: *falls* oh I think I sprained my ancle!

John: let me help you up

Alesha: *just scored the love and support of her crush *
by FafetaFall December 10, 2019
January 25th is a special date when a special person is born you would be lucky to have a friend born on this day <3
by Bolena January 4, 2022
Today is Aiden’s birthday! Any other celebration/anniversary doesn’t count. It’s Aiden’s day and Aiden’s only and everyone deserves an international holiday because of how important Aiden is to the world.
“We can’t have our anniversary today babe it’s January 25th, Aiden’s day”

Look it’s the most important day of the year!, January 25th”
by Biscuits are nice October 3, 2021
Let your bf grab your neck and kiss u
January 25th let ur bf kiss u
by XOXOQUOTE January 24, 2022
by saski shuu boom January 1, 2021