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When a Big Italian guy is balls deep in Phil B. and he yells out "Daddy No"
So I was balls deep in Phil last night and he had a Phil Badluck Barrata on me.
by Christian October 12, 2004
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1. An awesome person who sacrificed himself for us, so all you people giving stupid definitions, seriously SHUT UP!! Jesus will forgive you, though.
1. Jesus, who is in fact one of the koolest people i know, well i dont KNOW him, but he's kool.
by Christian March 17, 2005
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The Greatest Empire the world has ever seen controlling 1/4 of the earth’s surface, the United Kingdom and its Empire are characterised by Protestant Christian values and rule by law. The United Kingdom’s Industrial and Military might are unmatched. Its mission is to expand Christianity and civilisation throughout the entire earth lifting savage populations out of darkness into the light of Britannic civilisation.
The Commonwealth is the greatest empire ever known.
by Christian August 21, 2004
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Christian...she is tired of looking up her name only to find 90% boy results and 10% church results.She is a super artistic and loving and supportive,sweet person but don’t cross her over. She will tell you where you stand with her and make sure you know. She is a silly person and loves her friends.She gets attention but doesn’t want it all the time either
Person:oh I don’t like that girl
Christian:haha no one asked...
by Christian February 03, 2018
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Christian Likes Blondes, people who thinks it stands for creepy little bastard is obviously not part of the peepulation
Christian is a CLB
by Christian January 04, 2004
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