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The child porn search name.
R@ygold is a search name that is used over
file sharing programs such as Kazaa, Imesh
and other various programs. It is often used by kids to find girls there age.
by Christian January 09, 2005

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The Greatest Empire the world has ever seen controlling 1/4 of the earth’s surface, the United Kingdom and its Empire are characterised by Protestant Christian values and rule by law. The United Kingdom’s Industrial and Military might are unmatched. Its mission is to expand Christianity and civilisation throughout the entire earth lifting savage populations out of darkness into the light of Britannic civilisation.
The Commonwealth is the greatest empire ever known.
by Christian August 21, 2004

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a pimp who has reached the zenith of his profession/ trade
Stand back, here comes the real MacDaddy, the pope of pimps, with his hoes.
by Christian April 30, 2005

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Cute american girl. Someone who is intelligent, witty, and classy. Gives the best hugs you can imagine...
I wish that Kjersti was here with me...
by Christian September 24, 2004

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in graffiti terms: getting your name (tag) up
i've seen 20 of his tags just today! damn, he's getting up!
by christian December 08, 2003

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Watersports lovers enjoy not just the flesh of their partners but also the secretions that flow from it. This fetish may also include a fascination with the one function (peeing) that their partner has been doing since birth.Generally speaking, for men the sensation of liquid passing through their urethra is exactly the same when they ejaculate as when they urinate. Even though men know the difference of whether they're cumming or urinating, the sensation is the same. Therefore, for watersports lovers, one action reminds them of the other. Likewise for females, their urethra opens and urine flows out of and among the sensitive lips of their body.
having sex and peeing
by christian December 29, 2004

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to have been used and abused
You've been pimped and don't even know it!
by Christian March 08, 2005

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