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to roll with a crew or gang; if you are a gang banger you most likely slang dope and are involved in gang wars
The Game was gang bangin in Compton before he was signed by Dre.
by brian March 23, 2005
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The art of Hustlin', Poppin' Niggas, Pimpin' Bitches, and runnin' the streets. The art has to be part of a group, gang and/or or click, because we all know gangbangin' isn't fun by yourself.
Me and my niggas was out gangbangin', nah mean, and we popped like three fools, so fuck them niggas on the southside.

I was out in the hood gettin my hustle on; you know, me and my niggas be stayin gangbangin'.
by DSC201KNOC April 16, 2008
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