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Northcote is the 'wog' suburb mostly known for greeks, with a great shopping strip known as 'high street' with excellent coffee shops and pubs. Although a great area with expensive qualities and excellent personalities. It is well known from the teenage generation as 'the junky side of town' with a great place for them to kick back known as the store 'rays'. the teenagers can cause a great amount of trouble with tax drivers mostly, Northcote Station is another place you don't want to be seen late at night unless you want your head kicked in. besides the stupid teenagers that hang around 'Rays' and 'Stuzzis'. Northcote shows excellent potential. Northcote is also known as the gay suburb of Melbourne.
bro, lets go northcote we need to go have a mikka at 'rays' bro
by rudenko March 30, 2011
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