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A child who is being scolded. Which is why it is not a compliment to call a grown woman "young lady."
That's enough backtalk, young lady!
by NunyaBeeswaxReally June 11, 2018
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A term to refer to a female significant other. Similar to Old Lady but without the negative connotations. Used by men with a brain.
"No, I can't go to the bar tonight. I have an anniversary dinner with my young lady tonight!"
by CollegeMom September 05, 2013
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A word used my mostly teachers for girls while they are in grade school....''young man'' for guys. It's annoying though...i mean i have a name.....dont call me a lady...a women...or whatever....dont know my name? WELL THEN DONT TALK TO ME FUCKTARD!.....Its even more annoying for tomboys when they get called ''young lady''...MAKES ME WANNA TEAR THEIR FUCKING HEAD OFF! I mean when u say ''hey dude!" or "hey man" and stuff like sounds cool....words like women and chick and girl and young lady are just *punches wall* RETARDED AND ARRGH! I WILL KILL U IF U CALL ME THAT!
Catholic school teacher: Do your top button and tuck your shirt in young lady!
by Samtheassviolator February 16, 2011
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A word that some people expect you to act like when everybodyโ€™s not the fucking same. I feel like people who use this word are feminist because they feel as though girls or women are suppose to be certain ways and do certain things to be accepted.
Teacher: your not acting like a young lady
Student: how the fuck does a โ€œyoung ladyโ€
by Brazyxjaee September 23, 2017
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