Give us” is an Aussie word you say when you want something or to help someone and is usually said quite fast
Person 1 - fuck, I slipped

Person 2 - ah, give us ya hand

Person 1 - Come help with these boxes
Person 2 - a’ight give us that
by Stellverteter Des Führer December 17, 2017
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When you give everybody everything about boys
Boys: I know her lack of energy, like... go on girl, give us everything
by LilSammie96 January 20, 2021
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a chant football fans sing to managers/players of their own team at the side of the pitch, if they wave they get a massive cheer and if they dont they get a minor boo
Fans- "Dickov, give us a wave, Dickov,Dickov, give us a wave!"

*Dickov Waves*

*Crowd Cheers*
by ernie_for_England January 11, 2011
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When one is frustrated with another person during conversation or argument
Shazza: Awww, Bazz, you left the toilet seat up, again!
Bazza: Oh, give us a spell, Shaz!
by Nicole N B June 24, 2006
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To give something or someone life means to give it or them energy, validity or significance.
"Girl, she is giving us LIFE with that outfit" or "What you just said was so shady, I will NOT give it life"
by MaiyLove November 24, 2013
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give us a wave is a term shouted by boys of a les mature nature to people that they dislike or believe are 'geeks.' if they wave, they wil get another chant of 'who are ya?' and if they don't, well they get booed. basically.
oi gibbs give us a wave gibbsy gibbsy give us a wave!
by johnny monk November 3, 2006
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