Female version of "Nephew", individuals using niece/nephew try to get people off of using the n-word. Means the same (ie sister/brother), but in a less aggressive/derogatory sense.
"That niece has crazy booty..."
by Vitamin T December 15, 2005
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A Niece is a beautiful girl who will love you forever but be aware Aunties And uncles if their parents say no they will come to you .
Oh look it’s Lacey’s Niece She’s really pretty.
by Koala bears rule October 7, 2019
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- The daughter of one's brother/sister or brother in-law/sister in-law

- A female member of one's family that an uncle loves so much in-addition to a nephew

- Best of both worlds
I have 3 uncles. So, that means I'm his niece, his niece, and his niece!
by JellyBean600 July 19, 2018
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an expression to convey happiness and recognition of a favorable event, while also highlighting the misspelling of the original word "Nice." The expression is usually reserved for ironic situations since the word is recognized as a misspelling.
Roland : Hey Monica, you just won the Mega Millions lottery.

Monica : Niece!!!
by Rolando Montoya May 17, 2012
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A fucking stupid way of saying the name "Nic." This originated from the homo himself, Brandon Phliponeau. If you would like to contact Brandon all you have to say is "Geometry is easy," u will know it's him when he comes around and starts arguing trying to make fun of you if your are not in advanced classes
by LD620 March 15, 2016
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Pronounced "Nees"

After someone tells you a long story over text or chat. You really don't care - so you respond, "Niec" - blatantly spelling "nice" wrong. The word has also evolved to mean the same thing as nice.
Asher: I went on an incredible date and we did this this and that. Then we did X Y and Z and it was just miraculous. I'm really excited about her and things are going so well.

Levi: Niec
by Damage1355 October 20, 2014
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free babysitter.a person who chooses to watch children against their freewill
hey wanna go to the club?.. sure let me call, my niece she is my free babysitter!
by overlord exodus February 19, 2008
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