When some kid wears way too many neon clothes every day and he/she will probably get a seizure when they look down
Wow no wonder Jordan has epilepsy, they are such a highlighter
by King___kong October 4, 2015
Highlights for Children, referred as simply Highlights, is an American children's magazine.
I subscribed to Highlights magazine as a child.
by richardc020 August 23, 2010
when you go to get another color in you hair .....it usually comes in streaks and u can get it at the store or professianly done

- ~*~adrienne~*~
hey did you go get highlights?
by adrienne hope July 17, 2008
To compliment someone's most attractive parts with your hands. An extremely common practice between woMan-Sluts.
"Today, in biology class, Alyssa was wearing her super-short white shorts, and she let me highlight her ass."

"... God I hate you."
by That_One_BV_Guy June 1, 2009
A person or persons who are physically and visually less attractive than you while you stand next to them. Producing a visual that highlights you because of their dullness.
Mikey is my hightlighter, so I bring him out to the clubs with me all the time.
by TonyG July 29, 2004
Makeup that makes you look beautiful. It brightens up parts of your face, and is beautiful.
by Sugar_queen_xo March 5, 2017
A writing utensil that uses a sponge filled with flourescent fluid and not ink, therefore not a pen
Cartman> Eh guys, this is a high-light-er, not a pen!
Kyle> your fat Cartman
by Mr. Mofo August 20, 2005