Dad " Hiya son! Whatcha Doing?"

Son " I'm doing Geometry! "

Dad " Why you little shit... this is a christian family! That's it! Your getting crucified!
by Mr. Peyote March 5, 2011
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Torture.Geometry is nothing but a bunch of hard crap that has to with lines like "postulates" and theorems and shit like that.Its really a bunch of hard crap that frustrates the living hell out of yo and when they give you a test your mind goes blank and your like "What the f*ck is this crap?!?!" and to make it worse your put in with a teacher who doesn't know shit.
Carlos: "Geometry sucks balls.Its so hard and the so called "teacher" can't teach for shit"

Freddy: "Yea I know right they should fire that bitch"
by latino14 November 6, 2011
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A subject in school you are forced to take regardless of your math ability. You are forced to sit in a classroom staring at large shapes finding the area of it's base. The teacher, who you cannot stand, hands out loads of homework due the next morning when you're still sitting here figuring out yesterday's lesson. You learn about triganomatry, parralelograms, and much more. basically this class will get you no where in life, and it's a class you will most likely sleep through. It's basically a bunch of BS.
"Aw,I can't. I have geometry."
"Did you get that geometry crap last night?"
"We will never use geometry in life"
by itzemilyduh May 22, 2008
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1. A really stupid class that nobody could ever pass or understand, even if they got a hundred and ten on their Algebra test.

2. The purest form of torture that usually devils only teach

3. The class that most sociable people talk, pass notes, text, sleep ect. in.

4. A word that makes most cry, get bored to death, go jump off a cliff, or perhaps even kick their ugly math teacher.

5. Another word for sickness or death or weirdness or something

6. Something that teachers say has to do with math, but really doesn't have crap to do with any sort of math typed thing. In fact, it is only a period of complete uselessness. (see def. #3)

"I suffered a terrible geometry the other day. Yes, it left me nearly lifeless."

Our teacher had us wave papers in the air and say "Geometria" in some type of cannibal chant.

He said geometry and I burst into tears.
by Kaela Burr October 16, 2007
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I hate this subject with a burning passion, it is not applicable to anything that will ever be used ever unless you take a stupid job as a high school math teacher. It is especially stupid because our teacher made us write a fuck ton of proofs and my wrist still has PTSD from that.
Whats your grade in Math?
I wanna die.
The class is easy if you try.
Shut the fuck up Max Geometry is a stupid subject.
by YungTejano2004 March 8, 2019
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A class thats useful IF you plan on going into architecture, construction, or Civil Engineering. Apart from that, its not really applicable. Just let me move right on to Algebra 2 instead of wasting my sophomore year Texas Education Agency!
Ted: Wow Mr. Wells is such a great teacher! I love Geometry!
Me: Well thats great for you, now let me sleep during his lecture.
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper June 5, 2011
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An idiotic class with no real point. The Pythagorean Theorem is a very good example. You know, A squared plus B squared equals SUCKS.
Geometry is often taught by ugly old men with gray hair.
by Kitkatbar October 18, 2007
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