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Nerd glasses are either glasses that have lenses or don't. When you're wearing ones with lenses, they look a bit more realistic. When you're wearing ones without lenses, you look like a nerd, meaning you also pretend to be an intelligent person, since they wear glasses too.
Check out my nerd glasses! They do not have any lenses! Now I can go out and pretend I'm somebody else! LOL
by JellyBean600 July 16, 2018
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That time of the month where us ladies have to put up with blood spilling out of us. LITERALLY. In other words... Menstruation.

Periods can also make your body have cramps, which are one of the most annoying things to have if you're a girl and a woman.

Here are some annoying things about periods:

- Spilling out Niagara Falls when you laugh or cough (at unexpected times and places)

- Cramps, which make me feel like hormones are having recess inside me

- Bloating, which makes me feel like a fat person is sitting on me

- Random food cravings, which causes me to feel sick to my stomach an hour or two later

- Feeling crappy (tired) at random hours of the day

- Walking in an awkward way whether it's at home, school, the mall, or any other public place imaginable

- When I run low on pads or tampons and I've got none left, I end up stuffing a bunch of toilet paper in my pants. Literally. A lot!
Periods... That time of the month where you feel like crap the whole time and that everyone should watch what they say, because it could make you blow-up any second...
by JellyBean600 December 29, 2018
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- The daughter of one's brother/sister or brother in-law/sister in-law

- A female member of one's family that an uncle loves so much in-addition to a nephew

- Best of both worlds
I have 3 uncles. So, that means I'm his niece, his niece, and his niece!
by JellyBean600 July 19, 2018
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Freshmen (9th graders) are the newcomers to high school. They are most commonly bullied/picked-on by the upperclassmen people (the juniors and seniors) for no damn reason whatsoever. Most freshmen believe that they need to be treated with respect, just like all the human-beings on Earth.

Sophomores most likely are the only ones to respect all freshmen, unlike the juniors and seniors, who are jerks and assholes to them.

A freshmen comes across a group of 11th graders hanging-out at one of the lunch tables. And starts saying "Hey, can I hang-out with you guys?"

Junior 1: Are you a freshman?

Freshman: Yeah

All the other juniors: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Sophomore: Don't worry. Juniors and Seniors can be complete jerks sometimes
by JellyBean600 August 4, 2018
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The blue villain guy from Disney's Kim Possible. He is voiced by John DiMaggio, who is pretty excellent in the show.

Dr. Drakken may be dumb, but he is a badass villain. He comes up with various ways to defeat his arch-nemesis, who happens to be Kim Possible, herself. He has a female sidekick with green skin and green/black suit named Shego who enjoys mocking his plans.
Dr. Drakken- "Behold! The Molecular Transducer 5000!!! I will finally defeat Kim Possible and take over the world!


Shego- "And how is the Molecular Transducer 5000 gonna help us achieve world domination?"

Dr. Drakken- *annoyed face* Do you really have to mock my plans?
by JellyBean600 May 24, 2018
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Upperclassmen are the juniors and seniors in high school or a 4-year college. Freshmen are often intimidated by them, due to the upperclassmen being older than them and knowing everything more than they do.

Sophomores are still in the underclassmen ranks, but appear to be more respected than the freshmen. Usually when school is out for the summer, the sophomores are excited to become upperclassmen (aka: juniors) the following year. The juniors are excited to become seniors, and the freshmen are worrying about what will happen to them when they become sophomores.
Here's a story...

Sophomore 1: Hey, school is out! And in 3 more months, we will be upperclassmen! Also known as juniors!

Sophmore 2: Ikr! It's gonna be so cool! We can be twice as cool like the seniors!

3 months later...

Junior 1: Yes! We are officially juniors! Lets go scare some freshmen, shall we?

Junior 2: Hell yeah!

After the prank...

Freshman 1: Why do upperclassmen have to be so mean?

Freshman 2: Probably, because they think that they know everything more than we do
by JellyBean600 June 21, 2018
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A show on Cartoon Network that focuses on a boy-genius shortie named Dexter. He is usually seen in the show in his lab doing random experiments, while his ditzy ballerina of a sister Dee-Dee messes everything up, thus causing Dexter's temper to go up and kicking her out.

Dexter's hot Mom and smart-ass Dad know NOTHING about what their son is up to. Nothing at all. Dexter also has to face his worst enemy Mandark almost every-day. Mandark, however, is in love with Dee-Dee.

Oh yeah, speaking of Mandark, his parents are hippies. They don't understand his craving for evil and to make Dee-Dee his girlfriend. They want him growing up to be nice and have peace like they do.
Has anyone ever noticed that Dexter's Mom has such a huge butt?

Has anyone ever noticed that Mandark loves Dee-Dee for no reason?

Has anyone ever noticed how Mandark's mother and father never understand him?

Why is Dee-Dee so ditzy anyway? All she does is annoy Dexter to bits!

But otherwise, Dexter's Laboratory is the bomb! Woo-hoo!
by JellyBean600 December 29, 2018
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