Roland is a really nice , handsome, carrying , loving boy , if you ever meet a boy named Roland never let him go , he can be really nice and lovely but when you meet his bad side he can be crazy don’t get on the bad side of a Roland , Every girl want a Roland but not every one can have one so if you have a Roland keep him don’t let any girl take him , Roland would travel for hours just to see his girl friend , he has the biggest heart ever .
by Brigi January 15, 2020
1. Roland (Frankish: Hruodland, Italian: Orlando) is a character in medieval and Renaissance literature, the chief paladin of Charlemagne and a central figure in the Matter of France. It is thought the title character of the 12th century Song of Roland, which recounts his final stand against the Muslims during the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, is based on a real person who died in that battle (under different circumstances), but the authors of most later chansons de geste and the Renaissance epics Orlando innamorato and Orlando furioso made little attempt to establish historical accuracy.
2. From the The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language. Roland{1}. A masculine given name. Roland{2}. n. A lengendary paladin and nephew of Charlemange killed in the battle against the Saracens at Roncesvalles.
3. An individual of high intellect, fun loving and irresistible to women.
1. There exists only one historical mention of a French Roland, found in the section of Vita Karoli Magni on Roncevaux Pass, written by Charlemagne's courtier and biographer Einhard.
2. Gawd girl! That guy is such a Roland
by Roland819 November 29, 2006
The sweetest man alive. Doesn’t hurt that he’s foine.
Roland you are so cute, you don’t deserve the slander.
by april9 April 10, 2021
The most loving, caring, sweet, respectful and funny boy you'll ever meet. Blonde hair and blue eyes are common. Intelligent, quirky and truthful. Likes to act, play football, and enjoys finance. He'll brighten your whole whole day just talking to him. He's practically a real life Romeo. His energy is contagious, and you just feel good being around him. He does the most quirky and adorable and amazing things that just makes you fall head over heels in love with him. One of the most amazing and life changing people you'll ever meet. Thinking about him makes you feel like you're floating. You look into his eyes and see absolutely everything you need (besides God). He'll wear crocks instead of sneakers too.
by Carlliegirl123 November 2, 2015
Roland is usually a loving, caring guy who gets mad easily, and may have small jealously issues when he finds the girl of his dreams. normally they go after caitlin's-which is an irish name know for beauty and shyness. brown hair and dark eyes are common. once they fall in love with a girl, its very hard to get away from them, but they know theyll never feel the same for any other girl so they never let go and they keep them close reminding them of there love for her. they usually end up spending the rest of there life and getting married and settling down with kids down the road.
gawd girl!!! you best be in love with a roland! hope your parents named you caitlin!
by flex4 June 30, 2011
A folk legend, during the 1960's Roland was a Mercenary who came from Norway. He took a contract fighting in the Congo, and was known for his skill with a Thompson Sub-Machine gun. He eventually attracted the attention of the C.I.A. who payed off one of his compatriots to betray him. Later Roland's betrayer died under mysterious circumstances. Soldiers and Mercenaries still claim to see the ghost of Roland in multiple military conflicts over the past 50 years. He is described as being headless and still carrying his Thompson Sub-Machine gun.
Soldier 1: "I saw something weird during the last firefight we were in."

Soldier 2: "what was it?"

Soldier 1: "a man with no head carrying a tommy gun."

Soldier 2: "oh man, you saw Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner!"
by Gil Favor September 8, 2020