Lacey: An extremely happy, gorgeous, confident, sensitive, intelligent, respectful, artistic, balanced, powerful woman. Lacey is a true and wonderful friend, girlfriend, wife and lover. She loves with her entire heart and does not settle for anything less than she deserves. She has incredible style and loves to dance, sing and create from her soul. She is a free spirit with an open mind who loves to be in nature as well as have an incredible night out in the city. She is down to earth and an all around fun gal who loves to smile laugh and enjoy life to its fullest in all she does. She is unlike anyone you will ever meet, she is the most amazing girl ever.
"She is the most amazing woman ever, She must be a Lacey!"
by free spirit girl March 5, 2010
The most prettiest girl ever she is so kind and has a great personality she is also very sensitive with her feelings she falls in love easy and doesn’t stop loving that person she is a great bestfriend, girlfriend and treats everyone great but can also be bitchy at times and get mad easily she is usually called hot, pretty , gorgeous or beautiful by the opposite sex
Wow she is gorg muse be a Lacey
by Unknown827 January 12, 2018
Someone who is well dressed, looks bomb ass without a doubt, too much sauce.
Damn you looking lacey today.
Ok. I see you lookin Lacey.
My boy always be looking lacey.
by Ayyeemoney February 21, 2017
Most amazing best friend in the whole wide world. She can be a bitch, but she's sweet and caring. Will break your neck if you hurt her best friend.
by letsmakebabies? September 23, 2010
A stunningly gorgeous young woman. This type of girl likes to have fun and is extremely nice, smart, and friendly. She makes most girls jealous, and is one who all the guys like. This girl might be described as energetic, or one who has a sparky personality. The opposite sex might call her beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, amazing etc.. God was showing off when he created this person.
Random guy 1: "Lacey is so gorgeous."
Random guy 2: "Yeah she also has such a sparky personality."

Random girl 1: "I wish I could be like Lacey."
by Remmie10 January 7, 2012
Lacey is one of the nicest, loving girls anyone could meet. She always knows how to put a smile on other peoples faces when they are unhappy or sad. However she thinks she is looked at differently to other girls such as.. she always thinks she looks like a mug or she doesn’t think she’s good enough for anyone. Lacey can be difficult to handle with sometimes but everyone helps her because no one wants to risk loosing her as a friend. She has a good taste in clothing and fashion when it comes to going out to see her crush.
Friend 1: I think he will look at you today

Lacey: well he has a girlfriend
Friend 1: who cares, as long as you know what your doing then your all set and ready to go get the boys
by Lola duke March 29, 2019