Asher is the type of guy with the best personality out there. He’s silly and makes everyone laugh. Hes the funniest guy in class and is the classclown. He’s adorable and his smile lights up a room. He might seem like the type of guy that just likes to joke around, but he is the most caring person around. Whenever he sees someone sad, he asks them what’s wrong and comforts them. He’s so kind and always puts you first. He is COMPLETE boyfriend material and any girl would be lucky to have him. Asher usually has brown hair and blue or brown eyes, freckles too. If you have an Asher in your life, make sure you don’t let him go!
That guy’s hilarious! He reminds me of Asher!
by Karinagarciaisthebitch November 03, 2018
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Asher is given to the shy, sweet, cute people. Asher is shy once you meet him and won’t make the first move to talk but once you get to know him, he will come out of his shell. Asher has a cute, crazy side too but won’t show you until he trust you. Asher is the most sweetest person you will every meet. Asher is very creative and loves to draw and he is really good at drawing too. Asher is a hard working person and is always trying to please everyone around him. Asher is loving and loyal so if you ever get to date an Asher then you are one LUCKY GIRL plus he is really cute!
Whoa? Who is that!
That’s Asher... go talk to him
by Ashersgirl November 24, 2017
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Asher is sweet, kind, and extremely kind no matter what he goes through. He's open to opinions, smart, and likes smoothies, but dislikes bitter things. Asher's personality and rare name makes him unforgettable. He also likes Playstation games. When you first see him, you'll keep getting second glances at him because something special about him sticks out.
Girl that's never seen Asher before: Whoa, who's that dude?
Asher's friend: The most wonderful person in the world
by BirthBySleep June 12, 2016
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English (mainly Sussex and Hampshire): topographic name denoting someone dwelling by an ash tree, from Middle English asche ‘ash tree’ + the habitational suffix -er. Americanized spelling of German Ascher. Judaism misspells this name to match the English and German name for living near an Ash tree or being an Ash maker. For example, in Hebrew, Asher is only spelled using three Hebrew letters. The Hebrew A is silent and yet they pronounce A. There is no H and E, so it would be spelled Asr. They also pronounce the name Ashare and it can mean "that" too. Don't listen to them, they do not understand even their own Hebrew language. There are so many Ashers who do not have Jewish lineage and they just want to convert them all! Why do you think they link Asher to Judaism all over the place?

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press
What is your surname?
Are you Jewish?
Oh boy, no and...if you only knew.
by Asher-Name Meaning June 27, 2015
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A freaking amazing person. He is so fun to be around and is super popular. His u know what is the biggest you have ever seen and he is a sports god. Everything comes easy to him and is perfect boyfriend material. All around he is super duper hot and really straight.
Omg i have a huge crush on that guy Asher.

I know he is so hot.
by Hubehvsjzvehvshz November 14, 2016
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Asher is a happy,fun,blessed and energetic boy who loves to be with the people he cares about.

He is caring,loving and the happiest person u will know
Man! I wish I knew an Asher!!!
by Willy is not my name😂 March 14, 2017
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