“Bro, my vape juice has 12 Nic.” “Bro, you a pussy, mine has 64.”
by Jardolardo November 7, 2017
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Hot and sexy mf. Also a Greek God with a harem of beautiful women. Has a massive shlong that intimidates women. One of the straightest of men alive. If you think otherwise he shows his dominance by making sexual intercourse with every female in your family. He is also the main character. Kind, caring. Loveable, sexy, manly. He also thinks Ariana Grande is Trash.
Nic: "bow down to me"
Female: "omg he is so hot"
Nic is one of the coolest of people alive
by Xanaxholic December 18, 2020
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The sweetest and most attractive guy in the world. At times he can be a little insecure, but rarely shows it. He is gorgeous and funny and an extremely good kisser. At times he can be very stubborn, but for the most part has an open mind to everything. He is very adventurous and is willing to try anything just to say he did it. When you're around him, you are always looking for more ways to make him stay. Getting to know what makes him tick takes a bit more effort because he is not an open book, but make him mad and you will sure as hell know about it. A Nic isn't a stuck up douch bag and doesn't care about appearances when it comes to being friends. Nic's who are the aquarius zodiac sign are usually best friends with girls of the aries zodiac sign. A Nic will stick with you throughout whatever problems you face together and in the end, he is always there for you. A Nic will not like or respect you if you try to be someone you are not and doesn't take lightly to lies. Nics also don't like to be in exclusive relationships because he needs the attention from all the girls to satisfy his manly-man ego. All in all, a Nic is someone you can trust and a guy who you'd want to stick by you throughout your entire life.
Girl 1: Were you just with Nic??
Girl 2: Who else would I be with!
by arieslover July 6, 2012
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Nics are probably the most amazingly sexy boys out there and are the most amazing boyfriends ever they like booty and boobies but they are sweet af and will stick around for a long time. Nics are normally very athletic.
girl: omg!!! nics such an amazing boyfriend I love him!!
by summergirl99 January 14, 2013
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Short for NICOLE.

A wonderful person with a beautiful personality.
Amazing to be around
She's attractive in every way.

Her smile lights up the room

Her hazel eyes melts even the boldest of hearts.
If you are the lucky bastard to have her, treasure her, keep her safe. Always be there for her no matter what. She needs you as much as you need her.

And most importantly, love her.
I want my girl to be a Nic!
by Caleb0917 December 27, 2017
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Hey your Nic
by Mach chaw September 7, 2017
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A very sexy beautiful male that anyone would like to smash. Very strong with dark brown eyes and incredible smile with a unique sense of humor
I just want to be like Nic that sexy man
by Idkwhatmynameshpuldbe111 June 11, 2019
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