"That car was blatantly a Mustang.."

"Dude, that was a blatant lie.."
by tka16 February 5, 2008
Blates -
1. Obviously
2. in full view of something
well 'Blatantly'
by K-Scrawl October 7, 2008
Anything that is so obviously gay it has to be called out.
Dude, I can't believe you like the Backstreet Boys. That is blatantly homosexual!
by Wiseman July 25, 2006
the baddest hip hop and grime site on the web which features videos, mixtapes, mixes and more (none of which are pirated).
It also means to not give a damn what other people think and you say what you like.
Craig: Yo dude, you see that new Lil Wayne video?
Jim: yea man, saw it on blatantlyblunt.com, they always got the freshest shit!
Craig: Word..


Yo did you hear 50 cent go at Rick Ross the other day? He was blatantly blunt!!
by Bluntwun May 12, 2009
Where you tell your feeling w/ out a filter.
Annie is being blatantly honest because her friends asked for a opinion.
by T_111 January 23, 2022
(Даже ежу понятно in Russian): something so obvious a hedgehog can literally understand what needs to be done.
Isn't it blatantly obvious that the Biden Administration is doing incompetent damage control when it comes to Jen Psaki's backpedalling?
by Sexydimma March 29, 2021
A gay Who is afraid to be gay and hide it from the world.
In front of his blatantly closeted uncle
by Herrold August 14, 2022