A sport that requires much devotion to sitting around all day and focusing on watching an entire season of a series.
"Hey, can you come over today"

"Nah sorry man, im in the middle of some hardcore netflixing"
by Doggirl57 January 05, 2014
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1. The act of watching an entire season of a show in one season.
2. A total valid excuse for avoiding social obligations.
"Sorry I can't make it to the party tonight. I am netflixing."
by UltimateNetflixer November 12, 2013
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To watch Netflix for an extended period of time, blocking oneself out of social life.
Nicole: Where were you yesterday?
Brian: I decided to block myself out of social interaction, so I locked myself in my house went Netflixing.
by kpm20 December 18, 2014
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Saying you went "Netflixing" is a a flippant response for when you go out of town for a party weekend and don't want to share the details when people ask you what you were up to
by Netflixer May 11, 2015
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V. To screw the consumer over viciously by jacking the rates of whatever service you provide.
Reed Hastings, Steve Swasey and all their investor fanboys laughed piggishly as they gathered around the gargantuan mahogony conference table to pitch new ways of Netflixing their hardworking loyal customers.

"Maybe we can Netflix our customer base by jacking the rates again right around Christmas this time," said Hastings

"I can tell the public the total 78% price hike from two seperate increases since last September amount to no more than two lattes at Starbucks. A mere triffle. Hahahaa" said Swasey

(Chorous Laughter and Guffaws from the boardroom stacked with fat, double chinned, sweaty, corporate shills )

"I'm so tired of getting netflixed every 4 months just to stream these crappy "whimsy, romantic, cerebral comedies based on award winning Burkino Fasan biographies" that Netflix recommends. And why the hell am Ipaying to recieve stream these "new" releases 10 months after Amazon Prime and Redbox have them?" said the Ex Netflix customer
by We Da Ppl July 14, 2011
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Friend: Dude you should move out of your mom's basement.
Me: But she pays for my netflix.
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