Marked by disrespectful levity or casualness; pert.
John, I believe you are being rather flippant now. Which is to say that you are marked by disrespectful levity or casualness, you pert little thing, you.
by BleezeMonkey September 7, 2003
a style or design of pants where the leggings are flipped over to form a cuff or cufflike styleeee......
Hey there mamacita! Are those flip-pant your wearing?? ha ha ha ha ha
by Angie October 15, 2003
(adj.) Disrespectfully casual or lighthearted, particularly when someone or something is serious. Usually people behave like this when they honestly couldn't care less about a situation.
Marie: "Did you see the way John turned up at Uncle Freddy's funeral? He was wearing a wifebeater, jeans, and freaking pink slippers."

Joan:"That flippant prick! GEEZ!"
by el fuego furio October 30, 2010
1 noun: When one manages to flip something upside down and get it arse about face repeatedly while holding themselves. usually a gay chav problem.
Joe; i want to go home

mark: i see. not good enough for you?

Joe; lul wut? are you a fag? you got that really flippantic.

Mark:No....? oh, sorry. i mean, no m8!! *joe leaves...* .....*phap, phap phap.*
by Shadow strike December 15, 2009
A rap that is casually embarrasing, refers to flippant, rap lacking proper respect
Mom : i'm so embarrassed, my daughter does flippant rap
by Yuk1r1n March 15, 2018