Being a 10 year old kid playing among us
"I think i'm gonna be a little sh*t and put the most annoying username possible!"
(Parent in the other room) Yea its time he goes to a new family. HES SUCH A LITTLE SH*T
by I have nothin else 2 do inscol October 27, 2020
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Phrase which justifies unexplainable, illegal, degrading, disrepectful, and morally objectionable behavior, while usually under the influence of one or multiple control substances with a BAC excessivly exceeding the legal limit; causing physical, mental and personal property damage far exceeding personal financial responsibilities, with lack of care to the general public safety or ones self. Examples of justifying behavior include "shitting in a strangers dryer" which can be explained, justified, and resolved simply with "Sorry I Party". Acts covered under the blanket of "Sorry I Party" are usually uncomprehendable to the normal functioning human brain.
Dude, you snorted a line of urine off asphalt pavement last night then proceeded to snort a line of coke off a homeless mans boner. Well "Sorry I Party!"
by THE WITTE November 19, 2009
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pronounced: sorry I partee
1. phrase used when the weather produces very drunk conditions.
2. phrase used when waking up next to somone you don't know
3. phrase used when throwing up on someone
Person 1: Oh, hi.
Person 2: Oh hi.
Person 1: What happened last night?
Person 2: Why am I naked?
Person 1: "Sorry I party!"
by Studhorseroy November 9, 2006
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the all-encompassing explanation, excuse and motivation for every action of the dedicated roisterer.
When the seasoned dionysian reveler tripped on the puddle of K-Y jelly, he was heard to gurgle, "sorry, i party, safety 3rd!"
by O.B.G.Y.glen June 5, 2009
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Response to someone either being a douche, saying something douchey, or telling you to get an Über.

Play on "sprechen sie deutsch"
Q: "Why don't you just take an Über?"

A: "Sorry, I don't sprechen the douche."
by Bob Rogue March 22, 2016
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A sentence used when someone is speaking to you in Spanish on Roblox and you don't understand what the fuck they are saying.
Jimmy: Hello
Linda: Sorry, I don't speak taco.
by godsdeciple March 4, 2019
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What to say to friend who"s being petty and won't speak to you because you ate a can of soup
Sorry I ate your soup man! Quit bein mad I'll buy you another geez!
by lizguitarlessons August 10, 2017
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