1. When you leave home for the first time. Something every kid should do as soon as possible.
2. Military term for commencing a mission or operation.
1. "Jus' move out."
2. "We'll 'move out' at first light."
by Diego September 03, 2003
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to move out, to leave your home. Get out of mother's house. Now.
That guy better move out.
by lopon February 02, 2009
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an insult, used to imply that what another person said was extremely weak or stupid. similiar to saying, "get the fuck out of here".
your homey says yo lets go get some chronic from lil mike. you reply, "move out!- you know that mike's weed ain't shit. "
by flingshot January 25, 2005
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Moving or leaving your current residence in the middle of the night as to avoid anyone (i.e. neighbors) from knowing or seeing.
Did you see where Mike went? All his stuff is gone from his dorm.
Ah must've been a puerto rican move out.
by Boneasaurus September 08, 2010
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To use any form or deceptive tactics to trick people or get over on someone
Jack: Hey John why you got that arm brace on?
John : The arm brace is called the fake out move. I wear it to trick people out their money when I’m panhandling. They fall for it every time.
Jack: Man that is cold blooded...
by C0dane September 15, 2019
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When you want to procreate with a woman
Aye mo you see lil mamma over there?

I’m tryna move her out the way
by Shrimpa23_ September 20, 2019
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something that you really want to do sometimes, but then you see all the stuff youll hafta do!

but you still want to move out...
i want to move out
by crystaldreamer12 September 16, 2021
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