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A red colored box that rents DVDs via self-service kiosks. It usually locates in some McDonalds or grocery stores.

The rental is simple. One dollar per night plus taxes and no late fees. The longer you keep the more you pay. You can hold on to the DVD(s) up to 25 days. After that, the DVD is yours. You must pay with credit card and no debit cards, prepaid cards, phone cards, cash, check, or whatever you think that worth money.
Steve: Yo, I gotta go return this movie back to Redbox.

Seth: Go before McDonald closes.

Steve: What happens if they closed it before I got there?

Seth: You either find another store that have a Redbox or you're fucked.
by Michael Hackson September 21, 2008
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A female who is used for one night and returned the next day, similar to renting a $1 DVD from Redbox.
"Did you hook up with that chick last night?"


"Are you gonna keep hittin' that?"

"Nah, she was just a Redbox"
by Kingtaaka November 09, 2009
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A Native American Rent-A-Vag service.
Man 1: "Hey, I'm going to the Redbox kiosk, be back in a bit."

Man 2: "Oh man, that's tomahawesome! I hear you can select from six different tribes!"
by Bip Bip Daniels June 15, 2011
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Red box is basically a giant red box at grocery stores and mcdonalds restaurants were you can rent movies for a cheap price.

Red box also can refer to a very severe sexually transmitted disease (STD) for women.
I dont want to buy a movie, lets go down to Micky D's and rent a movie from the Red Box.

Damn, did you hear Sandra got Red-Box from going to that party last weekend. Who knows what and who she did!!
by Deeez Nutzzz May 12, 2009
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The name given to a girl who allows herself to be fingered or fucked while on her period. In some case she leaves traces of blood on her partners fingers and/or penis (i.e.- initials J.C.)
J.C., what's on your fingers? I don't know. Oh shit, the damn Redbox struck again.
by Chester McAllister September 14, 2009
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