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Exercising in between Netflix TV show episodes. The antonym of couch potato.
Yes, I've been working out, sort of; I've been Netflexing.
by gregatx October 03, 2011
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The act of watching Netflix and being really good at it. Not just anyone watching Netflix can Netflex. It requires commitment, having a special eye for good shows, and being able to binge watch with control.
Person A: Hey wanna come out tonight? Gonna be lots of chicks and beer.
Person B: Sorry bro, can't tonight. You can't catch me straight Netflexing though.
by Madswagatron June 13, 2015
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The act of channeling so much energy to complete entire series of netflix shows in weeks or even days.
look at him his netflexing is hardcore
by BreakyIsGood October 01, 2015
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