Producer of arcade machines and video games, founded in June 1955. It has developed un video game, Pacman in 1980 which has become famous all over the world. It also created the famous shooting game "Xevious" in 1983 for arcade machine and for "Family Computer" in November 1984. As a recent hit, a beate'em up game "Tekken", was released for an arcade in 1994 and for a PS1 (A.K.A. PSX) in March 1995.

Then they created another hit series called Soul Caliber and released it for the arcade and for the Sega Dreamcast both in 1998, then they made the sequel, Soul Caliber II with three special guests: Link (from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series) for Nintendo GameCube, Heihachi (from Namco's Tekkan series) for the Sony PS2, and Spawn (from the famous comic series) on Microsoft XBOX, all three in 2003.

Today, Nintendo and Namco teams up together in order to produce better video games, like a new Star Fox title called Star Fox Assault, the Donkey Konga and Jungle Beat series, and an all new Mario Kart: Arcade GP (which the companies may released it in North America and Europe later along with F-ZERO AX).
If Nintendo and Namco became one dangerous company, it would be like calling it "Namtendo".
by frodaddy March 3, 2005
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A Japanese game developer & publisher responsible for some great titles, such as:
* Pac-Mania (Pac-Man with Pixar style graphics and jumping)
* Galaga '88
* Dragon Spirit & Dragon Saber
* Assault (tank game with Mode 7 style special effects, even better than what the SNES can dish out though)
* Splatterhouse series
* Ridge Racer
* Time Crisis series
* Tekken series
* Crisis Zone
* Razing Storm (the "Complete Destruction Machine Gun Game"- very good whether it's at the arcade or on PS3)
* Deadstorm Pirates (if you can't find it at your arcade, it's in Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3)
... and many more.
Namco's lightgun games are seriously worth checking out.
by gameoverDude123 December 5, 2010
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Namco made Tales of Symphonia. For that alone I thank them with every fibre of my being. Not to mention Phantasia, and games such as the Soul series and Xenosaga.
I love Namco. Please continue to rock.
by Charry November 1, 2004
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The most racist Video Game developing company of all time, next to Sonic Team.
Namco wont release the Tales series here, and Sonic Team abuses their foreign PSO players. Life sucks.
by DruidMettool May 30, 2004
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What was once one of the most respected video game companies of all time has now become one of the most hated companies as of late and has been going downhill ever since the merge with Bandai. They're known for being sexist against mature women and releasing false DLC that are already found on the Disc, not to mention they don't care about what their fans want anymore and the games they release nowadays are complete trash. Avoid this company at all costs and don't waste your money on their most recent trash.
"Namco has been declining in quality ever since they merged with Bandai while Tekken and Soul series have been downhill after Tekken 3/TTT and Soul Calibur III. Also, they're constantly shoving their mascot, Pac-Man, down our throats."
by LeiFangHelenaFan March 19, 2013
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A video games company that used to make their own games without giving a damn of what the critcs said, and therefore making simple but dangerously addictive games (i.e. the Ridge Racer series !) Today, unfortunately, they have started making games which are only intended to be liked by most people who are simply following the others and even collaborating with Nintendo to throw Legend Of Zelda characters in one of their games in order to get a 98% rating by the reviews, while without that character the same game would have a 78% rating only, and forgetting their true arcade-style game fans.
A: When will we get another Namco Museum ?
B: Nah, we won't, they're actually making another of the "Tales of..." series.
A: Oh no...
by "the eurodance lover" July 15, 2006
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