A name that is often referred to either as:

1. A (video) game developed by a Japanese developer.

2. A (video) game full of Japanese language.

3. A (video) game imported from Japan whether it already has been localized or not.

4. Usually all of the above.
1. The best Japanese games IMO are made by Nintendo, Capcom, Namco, Square, Konami and Tecmo!

2. Usually language means nothing when it comes to playing Japanese games.

3. IMO, some of the best places to import Japanese games are at eBay, Amazon and Play-Asia.

4. Dad, will you let me go learn Japanese so I can import and play this Japanese game developed by the Japanese developer NMK?
by 1983parrothead July 23, 2011
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Japanese game shows are a type of television entertainment only a japanese person can create. (Because... Japan...) Japanese game shows can be literally ANYTHING! For example; It could be an ordinary quiz, or a massive international samurai sausage spongebob-related goat rodeo parkour world championships. WITH GUNS! All this in three words; "Japanese Game Show!" (No hate)
-Guess what! I watched a japanese game show yesterday!
-Yeah! You should watch one too.
-Yeah, I did watch one two months ago.. but...
-... *leaves the room*
by YeahBaba21 May 16, 2017
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