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A so-called "file sharing" program which is actually a great virus and fake bank, where people can freely choose their favourite virus and download it for free. Or if they want to have tons of fake files in their PC, then they have chosen the right program.
And just as if it wasn't enough, it comes with a free bonus : tons of spyware on your PC. This way, people won't have to waste their time telling to unknown people what websites they have visiting, these spyware will do it for them. Great, isn't it ?
This program is, however, not liked by those who don't like viruses, and they recommend other REAL sharing programs such as SoulSeek, eMule, Direct Connect, Overnet, and so on...
A version called Kazaa Lite exists, it has no spyware but still has the viruses and fakes.
A: 725 viruses in our virus collection ! Which are we missing ?
B: Lots... keygen.exe, for example !
A: Alright, download a fake crack from kazaa now !
by "the eurodance lover" July 17, 2006

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A video games company that used to make their own games without giving a damn of what the critcs said, and therefore making simple but dangerously addictive games (i.e. the Ridge Racer series !) Today, unfortunately, they have started making games which are only intended to be liked by most people who are simply following the others and even collaborating with Nintendo to throw Legend Of Zelda characters in one of their games in order to get a 98% rating by the reviews, while without that character the same game would have a 78% rating only, and forgetting their true arcade-style game fans.
A: When will we get another Namco Museum ?
B: Nah, we won't, they're actually making another of the "Tales of..." series.
A: Oh no...
by "the eurodance lover" July 15, 2006

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