Thrash metal band from Germany formed in 1982. Considered to be part of the unholy triumvirate of German thrash alongside Sodom and Kreator.
Destruction are a very underrated thrash metal band.
by Monster Hesh January 1, 2009
When you are beyond hammered and or shitfaced. Destruction usually results in either a blackout or an mip.

Destruction also usually consists of the usage of weed to end the night.
Person #1: How was last night? Last I saw, you ran naked into the diag.

Person #2: Absolute destruction. I can't remember anything.
by Ace_Go_Blue March 22, 2010
Destruction: the skillful art of demolishing something

A great passtime
"those dang kids gone destroyed the school again...burnt it right to the ground before anyone even noticed...nobody cares about school obviously..."
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
Legendary thrash metal band from Germany. Featuring: Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer - Bass & Vocals, Mike Sifringer - Lead Guitar, and Marc Reign - Drums.
Infernal overkill is a sikk album by Destruction.
by anonymous_destruction_fan March 12, 2009
A very, very fun thing. See: Orgasm, or China.
Little Bobby fuz fuz: Golly gee, mum! Destruction sure is fun, aye aye!
Mummy momisons: It sure is... it sure is.
by da beasta July 22, 2003
The act of having vigorous, non-commital, sexual relationships with a woman that is too hot not to do so with.
"dude, I wanna destroy Samantha so bad! LOOK AT HER MAN!"

"I destroyed michelle last night, it was the first act of destruction i've committed in awhile"
by xJimmyDeanSausagesx March 29, 2009