A series of fighting games produced by Namco. Well known for its strategic battles, numerous amounts of weapons, and the fact that the female characters' outfits get smaller and breasts get bigger in every installment.
Eric: Man, Ivy's gonna be nude in Soul Calibur V.

Joe: Isn't her main weapon a whip?

Eric: Yeah, why?

Joe: Kinky.
by Ninja of the Bong March 27, 2008
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A Fighting Game From Namco, this is all about swinging your sword (Not your dick) from left to right, up and down, side to side and whatever it was. It has so many characters, some of them are mimicking other characters, others were badass, and some are jackass, some has small boobs like Talim to Big Boobs like Ivy Valentine. Some are straight guys to weird ones like Voldo, there were also some awesome guest characters like Link from The Legend of Zelda to Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed. And you need to try that out! Best to start the franchise is the PS2 or the HD version of Soulcalibur 2 to Soulcalibur 4.
The Reason Why I Play Soul Calibur Is To See Ivy's Boobs in HD...
by Dante Must Die Mode May 10, 2015
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an awesome game that, in my opinion, is pretty damn good. Virtua fighter is cool too. And virtua fighter was here first. But soul calibur 2 is better than the first one.
by SPORK September 6, 2003
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when i use cervantes, no 1 can beat me at soul calibur
by Brandon M July 4, 2005
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A Sweet game originally on the Dreamcast, with the sequel comming out for the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube, each version with its own charactor. With a fighting system more dynamic than DOAs, and more akkin to Virtua Fighter than Tekken, Soul Calibur I and II are both supremley kick-ass, and sweet.
I Enjoy playing soul calibur on my Dreamcast.
by Muldowney May 6, 2005
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A weapons fighting game made by NAMCO, in which each of the next-gen consoles recieves a console exclusive character.
Retard-"Why won't my Soul Calibur 2 disc work in my Xbox?!"
Me-"Dude, you got it for Gamecube"
by Emennius January 11, 2004
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The best weapon based fighting game in existance. Has many characters and gameplay is awesome.Graphics are superb.Anyone who plays games knows this title.If not...they are a dumbass and need to play this game.So go out and buy it if you havent already
w00t I just got Soul Calibur 2. It owwwwnnzzzzzz
by (insert name here) August 30, 2003
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