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An RPG for the Gamecube produced by Namco. Has an awesome battle system and tons of length. A fast-paced adventure illuminated by very lively and lovable characters, plus an involving plot that is absolutely GREAT if you love twists. This game does not receive the true glory it deserves.

Each character in Tales of Symphonia is a masterpiece in all aspects, including dialogue, the relationship/affection system, voice, and design. Except Colette *cough* (and especially Mithos, Kratos, Raine, and maybe Lloyd...? His voice, Scott Menville, is very good).

Basically, ToS is much more deep, memorable, and especially fun to play than similar Japanese RPGs (e.g., Final Fantasy or Grandia, which to me are SACRED enough already). Everyone should experience it.
"Tales of Symphonia means everything to me. I'll revert this whole world to nothingness."
by Charry October 31, 2004

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Namco made Tales of Symphonia. For that alone I thank them with every fibre of my being. Not to mention Phantasia, and games such as the Soul series and Xenosaga.
I love Namco. Please continue to rock.
by Charry October 31, 2004

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1)Another store made for out-of-the-ordinary people to express themselves freely at reasonable & high prices.

2)A type of store that is slowly taking over our country. See starbucks.
...They even sell kilts for guys.
by Charry February 16, 2004

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