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Canadian lumberjack who owns a never-ending waterfall of maple syrup. Lives in a wooden crate that happens to have internet access. Auracom loves to play PSO, and he is very popular. You can't have a better buddy than him!
"Hey, Auracom. Wanna go do Whitill temple?"
"K, you make."
"K, lol"
"lol roofles"
by DruidMettool June 20, 2004

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Once whom is a "goth" is off-set onto many different definitions.

Stereotype goths, such as the people whom work at and/or shop at Hot Topic, are the standard of what one what think as a goth. Your stereotypical goth usually consists of....
-Listening to Heavy Metal
-Wears a LOT of chains/spikes
-Dresses in all black
-Hate anything colorful
-Write (not very good) poetry
-Idolizes "Jack" from The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Do numerous drugs

Not all goths are like this, but many goths hate to socialize outside of their sub-society. Not all goths are miserable. But those whom do may not know why.And some goths only use their label as an excuse to use the Goth fashion.

In all, there are just as many good things about goths as there are bad things.
Not all Goths are bad people. But some goths are just there to make us REAL miserable people look bad.
by DruidMettool June 10, 2004

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The most racist Video Game developing company of all time, next to Sonic Team.
Namco wont release the Tales series here, and Sonic Team abuses their foreign PSO players. Life sucks.
by DruidMettool May 29, 2004

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