a sexual act that may or may not be popular with trans women, according to Miranda Bellweather in Fucking Trans Women #0 muffing is the sexual act of penetrating one or both of the inguinal canals.
I LOVED muffing her last night
by censation December 14, 2010
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Verb (past tense): To lightly or forcefully push the back of someone's head whether aggressively or as a gesture of endearment.
by Bridgetspace January 7, 2009
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When you get up in the morning and your eyes are crusted shut and you know you should not go on your phone but you do it anyway.
Dude, why are you muffing at 6:00 clock in the morning.
by One off handle June 9, 2020
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to expose one's muff, as in a vaginal flashing.
I muffed the sprinkler man when I accidentally left the blinds open before my shower.
by crazy muffer August 7, 2010
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