Locked inescapably in a life that is undesirable and difficult to tolerate. You live at home and you are 30, you are rapidly losing friends and you hate yourself so you don't want to spend time with the ones you have left, you are technically bankrupt, you can not get a hard on, you are afraid to go out in the street and you have no job.
all the above stuff is true about me, i have a bad life.
by bob the hater August 12, 2006
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Hooking up with someone whom you know -for whatever reason- is someone you really should NOT be hooking up with.
It's 8AM Sunday morning, you're doing the walk of shame in last night's clothes... or what's left of them.

There's only one thought going through your head as you try to remember where your car is:
Dammit! I Make Bad Life Choices.

"Bad Life Choices" are usually sex-life related and tend to fall under having 'sexual relations' with 1 or more of the following; your boss, a co-worker, a cousin, a friend's lover, your mom's boyfriend, your ex's sister, a known player, total stranger or a random groupie and/or friday night ho, etc. etc. etc.
by RckRllrLveH8r June 19, 2011
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A decision that results in regretful mornings and bruised knees. A bad life decision is any hilarious decision committed under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or diner food. The term is often shortened to its acronym BLD.
Passed out naked one night in bed. Woke up to find roommate and girlfriend sitting talking. With no way to get clothes with out being exposed i laid in bed with a blanket. Missed two classes until they left and failed one. Yes a bad life decision. - taken from www.badlifedecisions.com
by Charlie Jacobs II April 07, 2010
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to be really good at one or more skills. to accomplish something that not alot of people can say they have done in ones life time.
why are you so bad at life?

oooooo....bad at life.

by trevor gill July 27, 2006
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when you never have a good hair day
I keep hearing people talking about having a bad hair day. Well, I have a bad hair life
by Una Malachica March 23, 2008
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Originally deriving from the film Bad Boys it is a group of London boys (who don't actually believe they are bad boys) who ride together, die together and are in fact bad boys for life! Often abreviated to BBFL and linked to the infamous WALOOF!
We are bad boys for life!
by Connell December 19, 2006
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