Verb (past tense): To lightly or forcefully push the back of someone's head whether aggressively or as a gesture of endearment.
by Bridgetspace January 06, 2009
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to expose one's muff, as in a vaginal flashing.
I muffed the sprinkler man when I accidentally left the blinds open before my shower.
by crazy muffer August 07, 2010
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When one or more of your friends convinces you to make bad life decisions, and makes fun of you while doing it.
Your life got muffed

You made so many muffed out decisions last night
You wake up naked, broke, with no weed, in a completely different city with a prostitute . . . . you've been muffed
if you need one or more of the following : rehab counselor crack welfarecheap motel or as a result of being muffed you suffer from alcoholism wound up in prison or addicted to pirate hookers you may have been muffed.
by victems October 21, 2013
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