Trans women are women who were assigned male at birth, yet don't feel like a man inside.
Person A) Hey, I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I'm a Trans Woman.
Person B) Cool, What's your new name and pronouns?
Person A) I'm Juniper and my pronouns are She/They.
Trans Women are Women
by I WANT WAFFLE FRIES December 10, 2021
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Trans women, also known as "mtf" (male to female) or "Transgender woman" is a man who regards himself as a female (either privately or publicly).

The overwhelming cause for this state of mind as documented by the literature is Gender Dysphoria(GD)/Autogynephilic(AGP). Both are metal/sexual disorders characterized mainly by the view and feeling of oneself as a female.

GD and AGP are disorders known for making the sufferer feel like the other sex and therefore choosing to be present as a female is the a common treatment.
Drag Queen: I like looking like a woman
Trans women: I actually am a woman
by Epicus December 27, 2022
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