Sexual drive, My mojo is raging for that girl. Get the Mojo Flowing prime example of Mojo
by illest November 2, 2004
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he's an amazing dog. He listens very well, a great dog a cuddle with, loving, and loves attention. He's handsome and a very unique dogs. He's very funny and goofy, you will definitely laugh. He loves to sleep and be with people; if you would leave him for a little bit, he would be upset. He is a big log, a big teddy, bear and takes up all the room; he's very hungry and caring. Mojo would do anything for his family. He's adventurous and outgoing; loves going to new places. He may seem like a scary dog, he's actually a nice, calm pupper. He is a type of a dog for a shoulder to lean on. You would just love him way too much and would never let go of him. He's the best thing that ever happened on earth. Everyone should have a mojo in there life because you would definitely count on it.
girl: "Good boy, Mojo!"
Mojo: "Ruff! Ruff!"
by BrownnnSugaaaaa July 21, 2018
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Mojo - A balding and objectively ugly person who is watching his close friends come out of the closet (the gay closet) one by one and is torn because he wants to admit his love for anal sex too but cannot. He expresses this frustration by beating women and stealing their sofas. He also dates very young women and gets them addicted to coke so that they do not notice what and ugly fraud he truly is.
Yo bro, you see that guy over there that can't get into graduate school, is banging a retarded teenager, and likes to beat petite women who slightly resemble elves? What a mojo!!
by Baceisgay1 April 16, 2009
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Title for a person who is weird, odd, or unique in some abnormal, but positive way.
That guy is a Mojo!
Man, he is such a cool Mojo.
by Celton July 6, 2004
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A racial slur towards people with green skin.
"Yoda from StarWars is such a mojo it is disgusting."
by An randomn guyn September 15, 2019
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music magazine that is aimed at a more alternative audience its not like smash hits! (crappy mass produced pop shit grr!) good free CD's as well!also apreciates that music from before 1995 is actually great!
perso 1:MOJO's got a free punk CD this week that rocks!
person 2: yeah dude no chance of britney spears sneakin in there unlike top of the pops!
by Cpt, B May 16, 2006
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Commonly used as "Mexicans" or "hispanics"
Woah ,look at all of those mojos eating their tamales.
by Ayeeeee<3 September 14, 2010
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