1- What keeps Mike Myers going on.
2- The one who tries to stop Power Puff Girls from saving the day.
3- A person's charm.
He ain't got enough mojo to get her.
by João July 28, 2004
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used in south and north texas meaning a mexican from mexico and/or a first generation mexican american.
there is sometimes tension between the chicanos and the Mojo's.
by black nikes September 06, 2006
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= Personal magnetism
Mojo will make one seem and feel sexy, virile, appealing, invincible and in control etc.
Alcohol or love usually awakes the mojo.
When ones mojo is working, it often results in flirting and heavy socializing with the opposite sex (or whatever prefered).
I got my mojo working (but it just won't work on you)
by kizzdakat September 09, 2006
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That quality, often elusive, that sets a person apart from everyone else. The word "magic" could, almost without exception, replace "mojo" it in all of its contexts, sentences, and/or applications.
I just saw David Lee Roth on Leno last night. He was doing old Van Halen songs though with a Country feel ... he has DEFINITELY his mojo!!
by Peter T. July 13, 2006
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the blend of blend of marijuana and tobacco that is found in a spliff. Often smoked in a pipe or bong of some sort.
"Yoooo this mojo got me sittin sideways cuz!"
by Keeeeeef March 03, 2012
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The original comes from the deep south, and was first used to mean "a snapping turtle in a whiskey bottle"

Now comes to have many different meanings, mainly a description of personal charima or energy
"I got my mojo working tonight"
by meyer May 18, 2005
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