That often elusive quality that sets a person apart from everyone else. The word "magic" could, almost without exception, replace "mojo" in all of its contexts, sentences, and/or applications.
I just saw David Lee Roth on Leno last night. He did a country version of an old Van Halen song ... he has DEFINITELY lost his mojo!!

by Peter T. July 14, 2006
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the obvious better definition of swag... you dont need swag when you have mojo
by Dicrols June 08, 2013
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Original meaning is "spell" but has been transferred to meaning "luck" (or more commonly "bad mojo" as in "bad luck")
I've had some serious bad computer mojo lately, my CPU just went up in smoke yesterday...
by MeeMee January 28, 2004
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Your mojo won't protect you from the ravages of the wilderness.
by The Return of Light Joker August 09, 2011
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The act of speaking in a call while you are muted.
Elijah hasn't talked for a while, he must be pulling a mojo.
by 10ju November 08, 2020
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Sexual drive, My mojo is raging for that girl.

Mojonation.ca Get the Mojo Flowing prime example of Mojo
by illest November 01, 2004
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