To perform an immoral sexual act with an unknown woman.
At the bar, he took that girl he just met into the back alley way and got some mojo
by Donald Key October 26, 2006
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An amazing new computer application that allows you to download music, movies, podcasts, ect. onto itunes from other peoples library within a local network. It is not illegal and Itunes allows it. The application is perfect for Macbooks.
You can download everything except for the items purchased by itunes.
I'm too cheap to buy the White Album, I will just use Mojo to download it from my friends computer.
by Arashit January 22, 2009
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If you drink, then lan, you're a bloody mojo
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
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Mojo is good feelings. It also means make out jack off.
We are not having sex, but we had some good mojo. I named my boat the "mojo" because Guy has good mojo moves.
by Imalwaysbetterthanguy May 30, 2017
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He's Mojo!!!
by Druskiize August 16, 2010
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a slow adolescent female, slow mentally, not physically. and not retardedly. although this may cross your mind everytime you speak to one. and possibly physically as well. daughter of a clifford, generally good at maths and art and ... yeah.

seen with brightly coloured and obstrusive hairstyles, lots of make up and is every teachers worst nightmare.

enjoys horse riding.
example 1

girl 1: wow mojo, i really like your hair today!
mojo: my what?

example 2

boy 1 : do you want to go to the cinema later on?

mojo: to the where?
by red_splat_on_my_radiator July 27, 2009
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