"I just got a puppers the other day"
"Oh yeah? What kind?"
"It's a baby Black Lab"
by DM Diller November 7, 2005
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Norwegian (from Norway) for tits
Alina har små, søte pupper (English: Alina's got small and cute tits)
by me March 9, 2005
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A word that dog-obsessed Karens use instead of "puppy" in a failed attempt to be cute. See also doggo.
Karen: Ohhh look how cute that little pupper is!
Guy: You mean puppy? It's called a puppy. But yes she's super cute... unlike that word you just used.
by The Grand Pudu December 14, 2019
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A slang term for an anus that quivers and pulsates when its owner knows that its about to get fucked really hard by a monster cock.
Dude, check out her pupper. Her bunghole is quivering like it knows what I'm about to do to it (occurring during a 3-way at a bachelor party)
by poonzilla234 August 22, 2009
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Pupper's meaning has came from "puppy".
it means someone who is changes his personality to be like the "cool guys", so he will be more popular, while he's not being himself, just like a puppy who licks the community's ass
Boaz came to this party just to be more popular, even that he hates parties.. he's such pupper! *looser!*
by Ddorda July 11, 2008
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