This particle isn´t moving like it´s supposed to, it´s abnormal.
by J/M/T/M November 5, 2003
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The absence of normality i.e. the absence of what is considered socially acceptable.
Josh’s excessive napping, caused by narcoleptic tendencies, is considered an abnormal classroom behavior.
by Billbobjoe1984 December 20, 2014
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Psychology defines abnormal typically in the realms of abnormal behavior. There are three main criteria that are used in defining what is abnormal.

They are:
1. The behvaior poses a risk to either themself/others.
2. The person exhibiting the behavior is distressed by it.
3. It is statisically deviant.

Also, to a lesser extent, societal norms come into play in defining what is abnormal, but the risk of using this as a criterion increases the risk of stigmatizing.
Beating a pan over your head and talking to invisible blue dinosaurs while shitting your pants is abnormal.
by Lon May 26, 2005
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A teen girl that ties her nails black, wears black, wears flip-flops, and acts like gangsta/chav.

(note: she is in my school)
Omg look at her?
what is she? she looks abnormal!
I think she is a prepgothchav.
oh, you're right.
by chavsrule June 26, 2006
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1. Brutal death metal band from St. Petersburg Russia. The best death metal vocals ever, no one can touch Pavel. the guitar tone is top notch, and the bass guitar can be clearly heard throughout the album. Drums are guaranteed to bring about aural orgasm.

2. Abnormal - The definition of brutal death metal.

Lyrical theme(s)
Murders, Death, War, Homophobia
I was gunna put on some mallcore but then Abnormal came along and murdered that band, then whilst wearing their corpses, made the album Shifted The Shape. Oh well slipknot always sucked anyway.
by clark June 24, 2009
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Class alt-rock band from Newcastle. Female-fronted five-piece.
Have you heard Abnorm's new track Citrus? It's out 18th September.
by Disneylver2021 August 28, 2020
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A significant abnormality
I don't think you grasp the abnormity of the situation.
by Got big plans January 18, 2016
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